If you’re still hesitating whether your child should get the COVID-19 vaccine or not, you’re not alone. Any decision that affects your child’s health is an important one.

Here are the top 5 reasons to say yes to the COVID-19 vaccine:

Reason #1: The COVID-19 vaccine works!

Most children who get COVID-19 suffer from mild cases, but some do get very sick or will have health problems. The COVID-19 vaccine protects kids from COVID-19 and will help avoid that they get very sick if they are infected with COVID-19.

Reason #2: The COVID-19 vaccine for children is safe and with the right dose for your child.

The COVID-19 vaccines for children underwent a lot of testing to make sure they are as safe as possible. Most kids have few or no side effects. Kids 12 and older get the same dose as adults, while kids 5 through 11 get a dose that is one third the amount an adult receives. In the future, when the COVID-19 vaccine is authorized, Children 4 and under will get a dose that is 1/11th the amount an adult receives.

Reason #3: The COVID-19 vaccine protects the vulnerable people in your circle.

Children can spread the virus even if they don’t have symptoms. If they have their COVID-19 vaccine they will help protect their family, including their grandparents.

Reason #4: The COVID-19 vaccine helps keep kids in school and out of isolation

This is a win for them and for you!

Kids who received the COVID-19 vaccine are less likely to get infected with COVID-19. They could also avoid spending time isolating outside of school. Kids who are up to date on their vaccines also won’t need to quarantine if exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Reason #5: Staying up to date on COVID-19 vaccine doses keeps your child’s protection strong.

If your child receives all the COVID-19 vaccine doses, their body will be strong and be able to fight COVID-19.


Make sure your child gets the COVID-19 vaccine to protect them from COVID-19. The vaccine is safe and effective, and it is the best way to help prevent your child from becoming infected. The COVID-19 vaccine is available now and it is FREE.

Please get the COVID-19 vaccine for your child and help protect them and our community.

Ready to get your child vaccinated?

Anyone age 5 and older is eligible in Virginia to receive the COVID-19 vaccine (two doses, 21 days apart). Children 12 and older are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine booster dose five months after their second dose. Make sure to talk to your pediatrician about getting your child vaccinated today, make an appointment with your local pharmacy, visit vaccinate.virginia.gov or call (877) VAX-IN-VA to find a free COVID-19 vaccination clinic near you.

This article was written in collaboration with our friends at ImmunizeVA, a statewide coalition of immunization stakeholders representing medical, public health, and nonprofit professionals, as well as parents and community members. To learn more about them visit https://www.immunizevirginia.org